TWENTY SEVENTEEN – what a joy you have been!

TWENTY SEVENTEEN – what a joy you have been!

TWENTY SEVENTEEN … what a joy you have been!

David worked his last days in March meaning that from April we were free to do whatever we wanted – which in our case was to travel more! 

At that time people used the words brave, crazy, gamble which we didn’t mind at all as we never felt any of those things … it couldn’t have been an easier decision for us to mix things up a bit and try out a different lifestyle … if anything our word is ‘lucky’ that we had the option to do it!

Granted maybe an easier choice for us as we don’t have children or any major ties … however it was a big change but we are oh so glad we made it!

There may still be some who just ‘don’t get it’ … and we can understand, to an extent, that it may be hard to get your head around the concept that we gave up work & rented out our home but we haven’t been idle or ever looked back and would simply respond by saying :

  • in these first 9 months of free time we’ve seen & experienced some amazing sights in the 8 glorious countries we had the pleasure of visiting!
  • we stayed in, toured and enjoyed over 37 wonderful towns & cities along the way!
  • taking in, exploring and marvelling at other cultures & foods!
  • with the added luxury of real quality time spent together which has been such a fun, liberating & content time for us both! 

Nothing but positivity for us as we continue on OUR life’s path!

We also hope never to come across as preaching about our choices – it is obviously not for everyone! But it has been incredibly satisfying when we’ve spoken to friends who say that we’ve made them at least think and query what they are doing, what they actually want and where they are going in life – albeit in many other ways & directions!

If anyone were in our exact position we know that they would be using their time differently to us, visiting different places to us, viewing their finances and life choices differently to us …. OF COURSE THEY WOULD AS WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT … how wonderful that is and it should be celebrated more!

So now we are focused and super excited to see what, where & how we go forward through 2018 … we will be travelling even more, that’s for sure, along with setting a few goals for ourselves :

  • one of our next trips needs to challenge us more either physically, mentally or both in some way!
  • it would be great if one of our trips has a charitable element to it! 
  • we want to be more ‘visual’ on our social media – meaning lots of fun ideas for our travel photography & videos are afoot!
  • loads of places still to see but we’ve also a top 10 bucket list of ‘experiences’ – so want to tick at least 1 of those off!

Summing up we wish 2018 to be filled with plenty of ‘live and let live’ attitude for all … focus on living YOUR best life in whatever way shape or form that might be … we’ll certainly be doing our bit to continue to inspire travel, promote open mindedness, explore creativity & live life to it’s fullest!

Happy New Year everyone & THANK YOU so much for following along!

David & Angela xx

Twenty seventeen 2017 summing up with Seen by Solomon travel blog of David and Angela Solomon




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