Seaweed heart found!

Seaweed heart found!

We are so lucky to have Brighton seafront at the bottom of our road and we love nothing better than a stroll along the promenade, which at times can be challenging during the Autumn and Winter months!!

Sometimes, when our walk doesn’t need to be so brisk against the weather, we will leisurely drop down on to the wide expanse of beach itself, which is made up of big pebbles and shingle. On one of these warmer, beach-combing outings we came across this lovely seaweed heart that someone had painstakingly made – it wasn’t just randomly thrown together – each piece had been carefully laid out and it was perfect!

Loved the fact that is wasn’t permanent and as the tide rolled in later that day it would be gone forever – each piece of seaweed returning to its natural state!

But thank you to whoever made this positive, fleeting artwork  – however long it did actually last for – we very much enjoyed finding and capturing it!

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