Our big blogging confession !!!

Our big blogging confession !!!

When we started Seen by Solomon a year ago we lived in our dream home filled with lots of very beautiful things! Much effort had gone in to designing & furnishing the place … over time and with great fun we loved finding those finishing touches of unusual & unique items at various salvage fairs … we were very proud of our lovely abode!

But in all honesty we lived for our holidays … sometimes wishing away the time between our trips … and then dreading the horrible holiday blues on every return!

So what did we really want ???

THINGS or adventures, experiences and being able to continuously roam free!

We knew we loved travel … we wanted to travel … we HAD to travel!!

So why were we just day dreaming about it ? Let’s make it a reality (although under no illusion that it would be easy and/or a smooth ride) BUT surely that’s all part of the adventure when you finally make the decision to change your whole lifestyle around!

Seen by Solomon big blogging confession . travel lifestyle

With the decision made we knew we’d need a year to sort everything out : home, work, finances, logistics and getting our heads around it all!

That also gave us a chance to start off Seen by Solomon on all of the various social media so that by the time we actually went on our travels we’d be set up and quietly established, on a small scale at least.

Which leads us to our big blogging confession 

Up until now we’ve only written blog posts by revisiting our past travels = holidays! Trying hard to remember all of the fabulous places we’d been, how we felt whilst we were there and what we found to make us fall in love with the hotel / the resort / the view / the country / the island / the experience!

On the photography front – thank goodness we take a thousand photos everywhere we go !! as we have had to laboriously sort through and find images that were taken (not for the purpose of a blog in anyway shape or form) and then somehow weave them into a narrative to make a post – it hasn’t been easy!!

We don’t actually know how we’ve managed to put up, almost daily, an Instagram image either (!?) … BUT we have and now can’t wait to start really shaping our gallery going forward!

Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle on Instagram

And so from May 2017 we will be travelling to our hearts content as we pack up and store our ‘things’, rent out our home and get ready to make travel our new every day!

We are so looking forward to finally writing our blog posts in real time, creating what we hope will be inspiring & informative content, along with a strong emphasis on our love of photography!

So watch this space to see how it goes, where we end up, if we earn a dime, how far we get

and what words of wisdom we impart whilst doing it!

David & Angela x




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