NYC : food tips

NYC : food tips

We love New York! We love food! So when in the Big Apple we do tend to put on a few pounds!! We do also walk for miles in awe and discovering still more of Manhattan each visit – which must surely burn plenty of calories – so must be ok to stop and eat some more !! And with eateries at every turn it’s impossible not to !! Obviously everyone has different tastes and differing opinions along with discovering your own likes and dislikes … but here are a few food tips on places that we always like to return to when we are in NYC :

BOND 45   (photo above)

Situated near Times Square on 45th Street, between Broadway & 6th Avenue, this large but cosy restaurant – the space is split level with tables, booths and bar area – is always buzzing and full of atmosphere. The vast Italian menu is a delight to choose from … they have a fresh antipasti bar which really does have the authentic tastes of Italy and we’ve always found the staff friendly and fun! In the feature photo above you’ll see what looks like a pizza but is actually their take on lasagna with the pasta forming the base and the meatballs and sauce on top – it didn’t hang around for long! I am a pasta fiend and the pesto at Bond 45 is delicious! All portions are generous so keep that in mind and try to keep some room for dessert – we recommend the Chocolate Mousse with Panna – won’t spoil the surprise but the serving of it is a sight to behold! 


This amazing place can be found near the Flatiron building on Fifth Avenue (between West 24th & 23rd Street) and is a huge 50,000 square feet Italian market place – so you can shop for authentic Italian produce of which they have everything and eat too as every section has a restaurant area e.g. in the bakery they have a Pizzeria which also serves their fresh pasta, in the cheese and ham/salami section there is a fabulous antipasti dining area (see yummy photo below) and so on – it’s heavenly! In all there are 6 eateries within the shopping market place of Eataly along with a Cafe and Gelateria so you can be there for hours and believe me we have been and can’t wait to go back!food tips for Seen by Solomon travel blog at Eataly New York, Italian antipasti


We have stayed at the beautiful Art Deco hotel The New Yorker on 8th Avenue (between West 34th & 35th Street) many times, as it is right in the middle of Manhattan so easy to get anywhere from there! On the corner of the street, and with an entrance also located in the lobby of the hotel, is the 24 hour Tick Tock Diner which is like stepping back in time or straight into a film set! We have only ever eaten breakfast there and love it as there is so much to choose from depending on what you fancy that morning or how you might want to kick start your day – from healthy fruit to pancakes to fry ups they have it all … as you can see from the photo below we tend to get excited and over order somewhat!!food tips for Seen by Solomon travel blog at Tick Tock Diner, New York, for breakfast


If you want a sumptuous Afternoon Tea with stunning views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline then treat yourself at the Mandarin Oriental which is just off of Columbus Circle on 60th Street at the southern end of the park. We did book in advance just to be on the safe side and it’s the Lobby Lounge that you want on the 35th floor where you’ll find a wall of windows, floor to ceiling, with an uninterrupted view right across the park and along the avenues of skyscrapers – a sight to truly behold and the afternoon tea matched up too! The photo below is just one of the courses … it wasn’t cheap but it was scrumptious and we thoroughly enjoyed the treat of it all along with those breathtaking views laid out before us – worth every penny!food tips for Seen by Solomon travel blog at the Mandarin Oriental, New York, for afternoon tea


There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of pizzerias in New York but for our money and taste buds we do love Grimaldi’s! We’ve eaten in two of their restaurants but the one under the Brooklyn Bridge being our favourite location : 1. because it’s a fabulous walk over the bridge to work up your appetite, 2. the place is always buzzing (usually a queue outside but it’s fast moving), 3.there isn’t a big menu as they make literally just a few classic pizzas and that’s it, 4. the coal fired brick ovens give the flavours and textures of a top notch Napoli pizza which is mouth watering, 5. afterwards the views back over to Manhattan are spectacular and you can get a very cheap and fun Water Taxi right back up to 39th Street – getting off anywhere in between – so it’s perfect!food tips for Seen by Solomon travel blog at Grimaldi's, New York, for Napoli style pizza

QUICK MENTIONS : International Food Festival & The Strip’s 24 layer chocolate cake!

If you are planning on being in NYC during the month of May then see if you can catch the 9th Avenue International Food Festival which usually runs over 2 days! We had no idea but were lucky enough to stumble upon it and had great fun seeing, sampling and eating loads of yummy world foods! It was a hot day and it was busy but along with all of the food stalls there was music and a great atmosphere so we couldn’t have asked for more! And on another note, worthy of a mention, we had dinner at The Strip Steakhouse on 12th Street in the East Village and had a fantastic meal and couldn’t resist going for their famous and totally decadent 24 layer chocolate cake to finish the meal off in style – divine!food tips for Seen by Solomon travel blog at The Strip Steakhouse, New York's East Village, 24 layer chocolate cake


  1. Adam April 18, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    Thanks for the tips! Have got to find and try that cake!!

  2. seenbysolomon
    April 18, 2016 / 4:44 pm

    You must, it was delicious … enjoy! Best wishes

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