Mykonos religious paintings

Mykonos religious paintings

Whilst getting lost in the weaving narrow lanes of magical Mykonos we spotted some amazing religious paintings on large, dark hunks of wood!

I say spotted, but the artworks were a bit unceremoniously piled up outside of a small shop,Β right across our path. As we sidled past them the gold paint lit up and the varnished surfaces shimmered in the bright sunlight – up close we could see that these were accomplished, delicate and intricate portraits, which was in sharp contrast with the twisted and heavy wood that they were painted upon!

On peering into the tiny shop it was no wonder these artworks were out front as you could not see the floor, walls or ceiling inside – only a crazy jigsaw of more pieces, in all shapes and sizes propped up, piled up, hanging, dangling and teetering – a treasure trove if you were after a religious souvenir from this beautiful island …

… although possibly not the lightest of items to pack in your suitcase!!

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