Iceland – our top 9 must sees!

Iceland – our top 9 must sees!


There are no end of waterfalls in Iceland with most of them being incredibly impressive but Seljalandsfoss sets itself apart as you can walk behind it! And what an experience that was as we really got to see and feel, up close the full force of this beauty! Found on the south coast with easy access, plenty of free parking and a clear path to follow to get behind the water. Do note though that you will get a bit damp and/or very wet depending how windy it is and the direction it is blowing along with the natural stone and mossy path being a bit slippery and sketchy in places! Well worth the effort though!

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This destination is an unexpected find in the middle of nowhere! Not as creepy or as sinister as it looks as this abandoned plane was safely landing in an emergency situation and is not a crash site! In 1973 this USA DC-3 aircraft was forced to land on the beach with all crew surviving. You will need to walk 4 KM, or you can pay for a monster truck ride that goes back and forth to the site, but it was fun to stroll along in the baron, other worldly landscape. Strangely you can’t really see the plane carcass in the distance until you are almost upon it as it rises out of the sand in a mirage like way! It is obviously weather beaten and striking with absolutely nothing around it for miles! Again you will find this spot on the south coast between Skogafoss and the pretty village of Vik!

Iceland with David and Angela Solomon travel blog Seen by Solomon


There are numerous lighthouses around the coastline of rugged Iceland – and they are all orange – but this one has the most picturesque setting! Positioned on one of the most Western tips of the island on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula you will need to navigate along a very uneven lane which has little room for passing cars and is an adventure in itself! But the boardwalk ramp leading you around the lighthouse, showing off the gorgeous views and setting are worth the trip to get there!

Iceland with David and Angela Solomon travel blog Seen by Solomon


This volcanic black sand beach is on the south coast and is a sight to see and walk upon. The striking contrast of the black sands with the white, crashing, cold Atlantic waves is incredible but highly menacing all at the same time – nature having fun and at its best!

The Blue Lagoon Iceland with David and Angela Solomon travel blog Seen by Solomon


After all that driving, walking, sight seeing and eating it is time to take a well earned break and lose yourself in the warm waters of The Blue Lagoon! A truly must have experience this place is beautiful and although popular the number of people per hour are controlled and the area is large enough to always find a quiet corner! It’s lunar landscape with the black volcanic rock, the milky blue water and the rising steam is really something to behold – we loved every minute of it! There is a bar in one part of the expansive lagoon where you can get a free smoothie which is included in your ticket … or why not swim up to the other kiosk and choose a free face mask! The water was very warm like a bath and in some areas were pockets of very hot water which were a delight as it is pumped up from the earth’s core! A perfect morning or afternoon pit stop to just lay back and indulge in one of the most unique places we’ve ever been … you won’t be disappointed in taking the time out to go there! Enjoy! … and if you want more information click here for our blog post dedicated to The Blue Lagoon

Iceland with David and Angela Solomon of travel blog Seen by Solomon


One of the prettiest tiny villages we visited on the island … with its stunning red roof church, up on the hill, looking down over Vik and its dramatic black sand coastline! As we were there in June it was perfect timing to find all of the gorgeous Lupins in full bloom – that just added to the picturesque landscape! Vik is quiet with a couple of hotels, a large supermarket positioned along side a big petrol station, a great bakery and a couple of eateries. It is the ideal overnight or couple of night’s stop over on the ring road around Iceland as there is lots to see nearby!

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This exhibition venue sits on a hill in Reykjavik and as we had an afternoon where the weather was on the cold rainy side we decided to go in and had a great time! Loads of clever interactive information and visuals about Iceland from it’s glaciers to its volcanos. Perlan has a state of the art planetarium where you can experience the incredible Northern Lights and as we were in Iceland in Spring then it was our only hope of seeing them! Another fun thing we did was walk through an ice cave that they have there as again it was too warm to see anything like that in the real landscape outside! And after being wowed by the exhibits it doesn’t stop there as the glass domed roof of the building holds a great restaurant and cafe with 360 incredible views. You can also walk around the whole of the domed roof outside which was amazing and the perfect end to a fun visit!

Glacier Lagoon Iceland with David and Angela Solomon travel blog Seen by Solomon


We have visited many beautiful and wonder places and sights over the years but we can easily say that The Glacier Lagoon literally took our breath away – it is an extraordinary place! Hard to describe the atmosphere, the sounds, the sheer magnificent vista that looked like nothing we had ever seen before! This is where the glacier Vatnajokull ends and breaks up into large iceburgs … a true wonder of nature to witness! The lake is the deepest in Iceland and the current sweeps the big ice pieces along and right out to sea with the adjacent black sand beach awash with glittering ice sculptures known as Diamond beach – the scene really is jewel like! An unbelievable place that can not be missed whatever the weather! … and if you want more information click here for our blog post dedicated to Jokulsarlon The Glacier Lagoon

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All over Iceland keep a look out and always be ready with bathing suit and towel to experience the amazing ‘hot pots’ which natural hot springs! Such a unique and fun experience with many showing up on maps as to where to locate them exactly! Most are pools or streams but this beauty in the photo was a real find and the perfect size for a couple! The setting in such stunning landscape was unforgettable and we were so lucky to have it all to ourselves for some time before others arrived in search of this illusive hot pot!

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Here is the map we made for our 2 week drive around the whole island – one of the best trips we’ve ever had! Iceland is incredible with so much to see and of which most are truly spectacular along with the beauty of it all too! We didn’t hire a 4 x 4 vehicle and just drove around on Highway no.1 which passes almost all of the things you’d want to see and visit. Every stop had toilets, refreshments nearby, most free car parks and easy access to the sites! No doubt in our minds that although we saw a lot on this trip there will always be new and wonderful experiences to be had and we’d return in a heartbeat!

Iceland with David and Angela Solomon travel blog Seen by Solomon




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