Down on the farm in Norfolk!

Down on the farm in Norfolk!

Whilst on a countryside hike across a farm in Norfolk, on the west coast of the UK, we came across a huge pig pen …

The pigs didn’t seem that use to seeing people as on our approach they dove into a tight huddle and lots of snorting and grunting ensued!! That’s the pigs not us!!

We made a hasty retreat after snapping this photograph and for the rest of our walk wracked our brains as to what a group of pigs are called ?!? So if this is something that keeps you awake at night (?) here is the official answer according to the Oxford Dictionary no less :

A herd or litter                of domestic pigs

A farrow                           of piglets

A sounder                        of wild pigs

A passel                           of hogs

We really do learn something new everyday! Useful or not!!

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