Crazy Sicilian Jellyfish!

Crazy Sicilian Jellyfish!

When we were in Taormina, Sicily, we hired a boat and guide to take us out and show us the best snorkelling spots … I say us but it is David that loves to snorkel and dive! To be honest I’m really not a fan of deep water however clear the visibility is and/or however inviting it looks!!

So as our guide Marco put down anchor I was more than happy for them to go off and discover what lies beneath! It was so relaxing to bob about in silence on board the small boat – apart from the water lapping up against the sides – in glorious sunshine, with a stunning view back to Isola Bella with my feet dangling into the warm Ionian sea.

But wait, am I seeing things ? Have I gone mad ? I can clearly see an egg yolk floating towards my feet !!

I didn’t know at the time but this extraordinary looking jellyfish has a sting that has very little or no effect on humans … it’s correct name is Cotylorhiza Tuberculata but luckily it is more commonly known as Mediterranean Jelly or Fried Egg Jellyfish!

What a beauty and I didn’t have to get into the deep water to find or see it – it came to me to say hello and I was honoured!


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