We needed a break … not a city break … not an adventurous break … we needed to relax and chose the historical Hotel Su in the Konyaalti Beach district of Antalya, Turkey. Set right on the beach and with stunning views over both the Mediterranean sea and Taurus mountains this minimalist building was cool, calm and tranquil by day which was perfect.

the amazing foyer and reception area at Hotel Su, Antalya Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogThe entrance and reception area is a vast white space with huge bed like sofas where you just want to throw yourself down and enjoy the air con and relief from the scorching heat outside! Laying back you can take in the atrium above as all of the hotel’s floors look down over into this contemporary courtyard of tranquility!Β But to our delight there was a large hint, that not all is as it seems, with giant mirror balls hanging overhead – a flicker of rebellion to what some might call a clinical design – and an indication that by night this area may well have a different side to it! Intriguing and unexpected, we loved it, and as the wifi was super strong in this area too we did spend time just hanging out there.

Hotel Su, Antalya, Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogThis hotel sits on a secure gated garden which was beautifully landscaped and featured an incredibly long pool which was serene and peaceful to sit and lay by. At the far end was a lovely shaded restaurant where the staff were very attentive and would make sure that we were kept refreshed pool side at regular intervals. In fact there was a fantastic routine as mid morning everyone was given a small sorbet to keep us cool, around lunch time they would come round and clean our sunglasses (never been anywhere else where this has happened!) and then mid afternoon we would be served traditional tea with a small local sweet delicacy – we couldn’t have felt lazier or enjoyed it more as it was just what we had wanted on this trip!

Hotel Su, Antalya, Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogWe did venture out of the garden and over the road to the hotel’s private ‘white’ beach that was as clean and modern as the rest of this resort. There was a great, comfortable hanging out bar area with a DJ playing hypnotic tunes but it wasn’t for us – unusual as we always prefer a beach but on this occasion we loved the simple easiness of the pool and all it had to offer.

Hotel Su, Antalya, Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogBack in the garden and away from the pool there were areas of the tropical planting and sweet smelling blossoms that were interspersed by hammocks to take a siesta in, of an afternoon along with double sun beds with wicker hoods for shade and privacy – so it was very much a couples environment rather than a family fun hotel!

fan palm trees in the gardens of Hotel Su, Antalya Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogBy night there was quite a transformation it has to be said! The white walls of the hotel’s exterior and pool were all lit up by a fantastic colour light show … the reception area went neon orange with the mirror balls glittering and flashing patterns all around … down one side of this area a long cocktail bar came alive and down the other side you could sit on high stools at another long table bar and eat!

Hotel Su, Antalya Turkey is all white by day but colour lit at night with Seen by Solomon travel blogMore was on offer up at the hotel’s roof top terrace and fish restaurant too where we had fantastic views right along the coast with no shortage of a spectacular sunset every evening! The silhouette of the Taurus mountains off in the distance was striking and more often that not there was a laser light show going on over the sea, which all added to the experience of eating out under the stars!

sunset and Taurus mountain silhouettes on the private beach at Hotel Su, Antalya Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blogThis was not our typical break by any stretch of the imagination but we really needed it and this hotel was perfect for us at that time … officially our laziest holiday ever!

stunning sunsets every night on the private beach at Hotel Su, Antalya Turkey with Seen by Solomon travel blog

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