Amberley Castle – a perfect afternoon!

Amberley Castle – a perfect afternoon!

If you find yourself in the beautiful Sussex area then Amberley Castle needs to be on your list of ‘must sees’! The turn off from the winding country road is easily missed – you are unable to see the long driveway and castle from the road – so look out for a pole flying the Union Jack flag and the very sharp turn is right there!

Amberley Castle in Sussex UK with Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blogSuddenly from there the thick hedges will clear and the approach, right up to the drawer bridge over the moat, is nothing short of spectacular! The castle isn’t actually a huge imposing building but it is impressive all the same! The gravel drive and the archway between the two towers is quite the entrance where you’ll enter into a courtyard which, when in full bloom, is really very beautiful! Along with being quintessencially English with it’s boxed hedges and manicured lawn too!

Amberley Castle in Sussex UK with Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blogFrom there you have the secret gardens, seating areas and wonderful views from various terraces to find and explore. All of which are set against the gorgeous grey stone and flint walls of the castle and it’s archways, that lead you through 900 years of history, here at the foot of the Sussex Downs National Park.

South Downs Sussex UK wild flower fields with Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blogOf course you can take afternoon tea in the garden and/or have lunch in the well respected restaurant too. Inside it is made up of cosy and quaint rooms that have an intimate feel to them – not the cold, drafty, sprawling halls and spaces you’d expect at all! But if you only want to wander the grounds it is an utterly charming way to spend an afternoon especially in the warmer months where you can take your time, sit out, appreciate the wonderful vistas, wander through the manicured gardens and blooms whilst simply taking in this lovely place – ENJOY!

Amberley Castle in Sussex UK with Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blog



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