About us

about us Angela and David Solomon aka Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blog married in NYC ©2012 Brian Friedman

Hello & welcome to our travel lifestyle blog!

We are David & Angela Solomon and we are mad about travel!

For so many years we have lived for our holidays but from May 2017 we will be travelling full time!

We’ve rented out our home in Brighton UK, given up our jobs and told everybody we are off, not quite knowing for how long … AND IT FEELS GREAT!

This blog will be our creative hub where we want to inspire others to travel through our love of photography and creating stylish imagery … as well as sharing tips, videos & reviews as we go!

about us with David Solomon aka Seen by Solomon on the greek island of Hydra

How we’ve travelled up until now :

.   we are in our 40s and have never been backpacking or just taken off on a whim!

.   we like research & to know where we are going – not to say we can’t be spontaneous on arrival!

.   we love a bit of luxury and great locations – when and where we can of course!

.   we don’t have children so our destination choices are ‘couple’ led!

about us with Angela Solomon aka Seen by Solomon travel lifestyle blog on the greek island of Poros

Our travel plan & lifestyle going forward :

.   we want to be warm – no more winter clothes for us!

.   we strive to travel lighter with a capsule wardrobe of just cool linens, flip flops & sarongs!

.   we need to be braver, travel wider and get out of our comfort zone!

    (still with a little luxury thrown in hopefully!)

.   we plan to earn en route, stretching this new chapter & adventure out, for as long as we possibly can!

    (well that’s the plan anyway!)

about us NYC wedding David & Angela with Seen by Solomon travel blog . photos courtesy of Brian Friedman

So watch this space to see how it goes, where we end up, if we earn a dime, how far we get

what words of wisdom we can put out whilst doing it !!


Thanks for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to  CONTACT US  if you :

.   have any comments or feedback – we’d love to know!

.   want to ask questions – we are happy to answer and/or help in any way that we can!

.   feel we’d make good collaborators, contributors or ambassadors – great, we are open to discuss all!

.   or just fancy saying hello – we look forward to hearing from you!


Happy travels in the meantime everyone!

David & Angela


Please note that ALL photographs on our blog are taken by us  if you do wish to use any of our images please respect the copyright and kindly credit it + link it back to this blog, thank you!

Any recommendations or links we post will be purely because we have personally experienced them and in our opinion are worth a mention! If anything is sponsored this will be very clearly stated!